AWCI Exploring the Repeater Watch Video (VHS) - Closeout

AWCI Exploring the Repeater Watch Video (VHS) - Closeout
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This is an informative AWCI video that takes you through the complete disassembly, cleaning, lubrication, and reassembly of a modern Swiss minute repeater watch. "Striking-watches, repeaters and gransonnerie are my passion". The author is Ron DeCorte. He studied with Philippe Dufour, the master of striking watches. He states he has seen a lot of striking watches that have been improperly handled and serviced causing great damage. He is an AWCI certified Master Watchmaker. His experience includes many years of study and work in Switzerland as well as making his own watches. Covers brief history and how to understand the strike bells. Topics: Parts I.D. and how they work; time train, strike train; Disassembly (note taking & parts organization to insure proper re-assembly); understanding the heart of the repeater - the cannon pinion minute snail, proper mainspring removal, barrel assembly details and spring tips; cleaning tools, solutions and techniques; reassembly by levels; alignment and interaction; racks; trips; snails; levers; cannon pinion; lubrication; testing; troubleshooting; case and dial care, etc. Quality determination tips. Do's and Don'ts in setting the watch. Plus much more!! Excellent close up photography. Approx. 105 minutes long.

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