Auto Set High Torque Clock Movement - Runs up to 18" Hands

Auto Set High Torque Clock Movement - Runs up to 18" Hands
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  • Item #: MSF-03

This is a brand new movement that you only have to set 1 time and it does the rest! It has an internal pre-programmed chip which will automatically adjust in the spring and fall to the correct time. Works in all four American time zones. No radio or computer signal required. In the fall the movement will stop for an hour and in the spring it will "fast forward" for one hour.


  • Size: 2-1/4"W x 2-1/4"H x 5/8"D 
  • Threaded Shaft Diameter: 5/16"
  • Threaded Shaft Length: 5/16"
  • Overall Shaft Length: 3/4"
  • Requires 1 'AA' battery (not included)
  • Rear hand set knob
  • Increased distance between hour & minute hands to prevent rubbing
  • Includes all mounting hardware
  • Will run hands up to 18" long (measurement is from the center of the mounting hole to the end on the minute hand only)
  • Hour and Minute hands sold separately below for .20 cents per pair.
  • Sweep second hands are sold separately and can be purchased at the following links: Regular Size Sweeps, Large Sweeps, Promotional Sweeps.



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