Carriage & Other Traveling Clocks by Derek Roberts

Carriage & Other Traveling Clocks by Derek Roberts
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1,653 Clocks pictured with name, date, size, and description, all in beautiful color. Many one-of-a kind rarely seen pieces from the 1600's thru today from all over the world. Great information on integral movements, and exquisite case design techniques and history. 247 Makers, suppliers, and retailers. Topics include: Early traveling clocks (1600's); movements, escapements, miniatures, carrying cases, engraving, chasing, fretwork, Repousse, cast ornamentation, porcelain panels, enameling, complex clocks, rare and novelty clocks, calendar movements, striking mechanisms, remontoires, and more. Styles: empire, renaissance, rococo, bamboo, bowed sides, multipiece, chronometer, gorge, canaille, oval, serpentine, doucine, anglais, sympathique, curved base, caryatids and columns, architectural, six-sided, pyramid, barometer, thermometer, compass, corniche, obis, gold, silver, engraved, and more. Includes a glossary of terms.
368 Pages. Size 9" x 12"

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