Chime Clock Repair by Steven Conover

Chime Clock Repair by Steven Conover
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  • Item #: BK-113

For the beginner to advanced clock repairman. Many detailed drawings, black and white photos and step-by-step instructions. Covers 18 common chime movements, antique to modern, in detail. Seth Thomas #124, #113, Sonora, New Haven, Sessions 2-train, Waterbury double deck, Ansonia, Globe, Winterhalder, Jacques, Junghans, Hermle, Urgos-06-Series, 9-tubular bell; Kieninger-KSU/RSU, Jauch, Mauthe-W500, and Smith's. Topics include: Chime Basics; Chime Melodies; Disassembly; Assembling and adjusting; Common repair problems; Mainsprings; Weights and Cables; Strike and Time Train problems; Cleaning; Correcting Worn Parts; Adjusting Chime Hammersand more for each of the movements listed above.

210 pages. 9"x11"


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