Clock Wheel and Pinion Cutting by J. Malcolm Wild

Clock Wheel and Pinion Cutting by J. Malcolm Wild
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Machining processes clearly explained. Many black and white photos and detailed diagrams and tables. Chapters include: Equipment - Wheel cutting engines, auto cutting machines, rounding-up tools, pinion wire, wheel/pinion cutting lathe, division plates, dividing heads, cutting frames, milling spindles, cutter arbors; Wheel and Pinion Theory - sector/proportional gauging, tooth shape, involute/cyclodial, wheel/pinion engagement, diametral pitch, metric module, standards and formulas, conversion table; Wheel/Pinion Cutters - material, replacement, wheel blanks, mandrels, cutter centralization, cutting, recoil and dead-beat escapement wheel calculation/cutting; Pinion Cutting - material, tooth milling, work support, centering, leaf polishing by hand/machine, box-wood polishers, polishing pinion ends, heat treatment of pinions.
46 Pages. 5-1/2 x 8-1/2"

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