Cuckoo Clock Repair DVD by Bruce Rasmessum

Cuckoo Clock Repair DVD by Bruce Rasmessum
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  • Item #: VDO-100

This is a brand new DVD on Cuckoo Clock Repair. The only known instructional videotape of its kind, this 105 minute full color program is directed to those who have a understanding of time and strike movements. It is a sequel or adjunct to our highly popular videotape "General Clock Repair". So a basic understanding of bushing, pallet repair, re-pivoting, etc. is a prerequisite. The cuckoo clock striking function is completely shown and fully explained. This program shows the function and repair of various popular types of cuckoo clock mechanisms, including wooden, count wheel, quall, music box, rack and snail, as well as, the modern movements: the HERR, REGULA, BADUF, etc. The theory common to all cuckoo clocks is explained, so that any cuckoo encountered may be studied and understood. Perhaps the best aspect of this program is showing the reassembly of the movements and just how and where to position each pin, lever and wheel to properly synchronize each mechanism. Enlarged color drawings and detailed close-up views are amply shown for clarity and understanding. Many other subjects peculiar to these clocks are shown, such as, the repair of bellows, hands and birds, a repair stand, and wire benders, etc. Nothing in print or video comes close to this valuable experience and information. A must for any clock repairer or hobbyist.

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