Embossed Dial Pan Assembly - Antique

Embossed Dial Pan Assembly - Antique
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  • Item #: DB-10

Antique style embossed dial pan bezel assembly.

Exact reproduction of and American style embossed dial pan and bezel assembly.
Front Bezel: 5-3/4" Diameter
Back Assembly: 5-11/16" Diameter
White Roman Numeral Dial: 4-1/2" Diameter
Embossed Center: 2-3/16" Diameter
Center Hole: 3/8" Diameter
Back side assembly requires a recessed depth of 7/8" in the case.
5-3/8" Diameter convex or flat glass required - NOT INCLUDED
Bezel can be removed and riveted to an old pan.

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Price $19.95

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