General Clock Repair DVD by Bruce Rasmessum

General Clock Repair DVD by Bruce Rasmessum
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  • Item #: VDO-101

Our best selling DVD! This is a brand new DVD on General Clock Repair. Learn clock repair, the easiest and fastest way, with this highly successful 110 minute full color DVD of intensified instruction on the repair of American and European pendulum striking clocks. Parts are identified and named. Count wheel striking, rack and snail striking. Schematic drawings and close-ups shots explained. Minimum tools required. Orderly disassembly. Removal and rewind mainspring, (open or barrel) without a mainspring winder. Cleaning the movement. Inexpensive clock cleaner. Proper veering and testing. Truing and polishing pivots. Re-pivoting with or without a lathe. Bushing worn pivot holes, locating them correctly. Repair lantern pinions. Worn leaf pinions. Replace broken wheen teeth, barrel teeth, scape teeth. Grind, polish and repair pallets on strip, anchor, dead beat and brocot escapements. Topping escape wheels. Replace broken barrel hooks and winding arbor hooks. Repair some mainspring. Selecting new mainsprings. Reassemble both American and European movements. Adjusting escapements. Striking theory of rack and snail and count wheels. Oiling and oilers. Setting the beat. Some inexpensive tricks, tools, methods, etc. Inspection of parts. Motion wheels and clutch explained. Synchronize the strike easily. Numerous other remedies. Great overview to view and view again!

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