Kroeber Clocks: American & Imported by Tran Duy Ly

Kroeber Clocks: American & Imported by Tran Duy Ly
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Chapters include: Alarm; Calendars-hanging, mantel, novelty; Carriage, Hanging and standing regulators; Mantels, cabinet, conical, cottage, enameled iron, figure, metal, musical, wood case, alabaster, gilt and alabaster, gilt and others, marble, marble and onyx; Novelty; Plush; Porcelain; Sidepieces and statues; Signs and brackets; Chime clocks; Cuckoos and trumpeters; Mechanical - American and imported; Vienna regulators; Clock names; Dials; Invoices; Labels; Movements; Patents; Pendulums and keys; Plus Kroeber history, important tips for the collector and an excellent name index for easy reference.
584 Pages. 9 x 11"
Hard Cover
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