Repairing French Pendulum Clocks by Steven Conover

Repairing French Pendulum Clocks by Steven Conover
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  • Item #: BK-120

Excellent coverage of repair for quality French clocks. Intermediate to advanced repair skills needed. Over 306 black and white photos and detailed diagrams. Step-by-step instructions in Disassembly, repair, assembly and adjustment. Covers: Timepiece, count wheel strike, rack and snail strike and Morbier styles; Handling a french mainspring; Brocot escapements. Topics and clocks include; Black Marble timepiece; Rack and Snail visible escapement clocks; Count wheel striking and picture frame clocks; Morbier spring wall clock; Silk Thread suspension. Plus Questions and Answers on French Clocks; Glossary of Terms; and a detailed index for easy reference. 

92 pages. 9x11"

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