Seth Thomas: Book 6 Workshop series by Steven G. Conover

Seth Thomas: Book 6 Workshop series by Steven G. Conover
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Book 6 Seth Thomas: Clockmakers Newsletter Workshop Series. This book covers the most popular movements produced by this famous American clockmaking dynasty. Seth Thomas (1785-1859) started work in the clock manufacturing business in the early 1800's. The company is best known for the clocks made during the American mass production era, extending from the late 1800's until the early 1950's.

Chapter 1 is devoted to the No.89 strike movement, which is one of Seth Thomas' most plentiful movements.
Chapter 2 covers the main chime movements made by the company, which are the No. 113, No. 124, and the Sonora Chime.
Chapter 3 contains material on the early, difficult-to-repair ship's bell movement.
Chapter 4 features a variety of movements which strike the hours only, or the hours and half hours. These made up the largest share of the Seth Thomas production.
Chapter 5 includes material on simple, early alarms attached to movements. There are also articles on the Long Alarm and the Automatic Eight Day Alarm.
Chapter 6 covers several timepieces, that is, mechanisms which do not strike or chime.
The material in this book is based on features from the editor's Clockmakers Newsletter,  a monthly clock repair publication produced from 1987-2008. 

Book 6: Seth Thomas, has 158 pages featuring 321 photos and drawings with introduction, table of contents, and index. It is comb bound like Steven G. Conover’s other workshop manuals, allowing it to open flat on your bench for easy reference. 158 Pages. 9x12". Soft Cover.

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