Takane Second Hand Only Movement

Timeworks Clock Movement Takane
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  • Item #: MTW-30

This exclusive Takane movement was specially made to be used in Timeworks style clocks. The second hand track may be just above the 6 position. The second had moves at a regular "step/jump" motion. It is not a continuous or smooth sweep motion. The movement mounts with a regular hex nut.  Made in the USA.
*Will NOT Run Larger Than a 6" Second Hand*  


  • Case Size: 2-1/8" square x 5/8"D
  • Threaded Shaft Length: 7/16"
  • Shaft Diameter: 5/16"
  • Requires 1 "AA" (not included)
  • Includes all mounting hardware
  • Sweep second hands are sold separately and can be purchased at the following links: Regular Size Sweeps, Large Sweeps, Promotional Sweeps.

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Price $7.95

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