Telechron Replacement Rotor M3154 - CLOSEOUT

Telechron Replacement Rotor M3154 - CLOSEOUT
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This is a new Telechron replacement motor, Model M3154, Type S1. This rotor runs at 3 watts, 240 volts and 3.6RPM. There are 10 teeth on the gear (pinion). Made of aluminum.

Measures: 2" Wide x 2-5/8" High

Approximately 7/8" thick at the widest part
Mounting Holes are approx. 1-7/8" apart


*These are from another clock company that went out of business. We do not have any other information on these coils. If you are not sure which coil is best for your application we recommend calling Mike's Telechron Clock Clinic at 541-559-1090 or 877-286-6762.*

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