The Best of J.E. Coleman: Clockmaker

The Best of J.E. Coleman: Clockmaker
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A collection of over 40 years experience by one of America's foremost horological authorities. 1,000 of questions are answered on clocks, watches, history and related topics. Compiled from his "Questions and Answeres" and "Clockwise and Otherwise" columns published in the American Horologist and Jeweler. Topics include: Clock cases, sundials, glass, setting moon dials; Watch information; clock data; Id and History; Mainsprings and hairsprings; pendulums; cleaning; lubrication; clock building and rebuilding; gearing; chimes; escapements; battery, electric and cuckoo clocks; Ships bell, grandfather, wood and 400-day clocks; Day of 2 noons; J.E. Coleman, the man. Plus a extensive index for easy reference. 336 black and white photos, charts and diagrams to be found no where else. An extreme wealth of information for anyone who loves clocks and watches.
536 Pages. 6x9"

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