Used 7-7/8" Westminster Chime Clock Dial - CLOSEOUT

Used 7-7/8" Westminster Chime Clock Dial - CLOSEOUT
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This is a used 7-7/8" square clock dial for Westminster chime mechanical movements. This dial was made in the USA by a company that produced them for Hermle and other types of mechanical movements. We are not sure what Hermle or other mechanical movement this will fit on so be sure to read the measurements!

There are several small scratches or imperfections in the dial. The chime holes are 3-11/16" apart (measurement is from the center of one hole to the center of the one next to it). The center hole is 9.45mm in diameter. There is a chime lever slot on the right side of the dial. Please make sure all holes and the chime slot line up with the winding posts and lever on your movement.

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