Waterbury Clocks & Watches by Tran Duy Ly

Waterbury Clocks & Watches by Tran Duy Ly
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Over 2,290 black and white original catalog reprints. Each clock pictured with name, date, movement and case description, original and current price. Plus helpful tips on buying, selling, rarity and originality. Also, biographies and history of the Waterbury Co. Clocks: alarm, auto, banjo, barometer, blinking eye, calendar, carriage, chime, crystal, double dial, electric, figure, hanging, leather, longcase, standing regulators, mantel (cabinet, enameled iron and wood, marble, metal, onyx, tambour, wood case), mission, novelty, plush, porcelain, ships clock, ships bell. Top ornaments, side figures, candlesticks, pitchers, statues, pocket and wrist watches. Plus movements, dials, pendulums, keys and labels.
584 pages. 9" x 11"
*Comes with 2001 Price Guide Update*

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