• 60x245mm Clock Weight Shell
  • WS-3-2
  • WS-3-3

60 x 245mm Grandfather Clock Weight Shell – Polished Aluminum

This is for one weight shell only. It is brass plated over aluminum with a polished finish. See full description below for measurements and more.

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Brass Plated over Aluminum with a SATIN FINISH (a slightly duller finish than the polished, see pictures.)

60 x 245mm (2-5/16″ x 9-5/8″)
Inside Diameter 55mm (2-3/16″). Make sure your lead inserts will fit!

One Weight Shell, 2 End Caps
Hook, Bottom Nib, and Center Rod

**Lead inserts are not included but are sold separately on our website in 1 pound or 1/2 pound increments. If you are not sure how much lead to put in each shell for your particular clock please email us. We will need you to provide the model number and manufacturer off the back plates of the movement.**

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