German High Torque Bim Bam & 4/4 Westminster Chime Pendulum Movement


This is a high quality, German Made, Bim Bam and 4/4 Westminster chime movement. It has great sound quality with softer volume. It will run up to a Grandmother lyre pendulum with an 8″ bob or a 32″ battery pendulum and 17-3/4″ light weight hands. Please read full description below.


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This is a high quality, German made, Bim Bam and 4/4 Westminster chime movement. It has great sound quality with softer volume. It will run up to a Grandmother lyre pendulum with an 8″ bob or a 32″ battery pendulum and 17-3/4″ light weight hands.


  • Bim Bam or 4/4 Westminster Chime
  • Bim Bam chimes every hour and half hour with full count on hour
  • Westminster chimes every quarter hour with counting strike on hour
  • Night shut-off switch
  • Volume Control
  • Nice compact size


  • Case Size: 2-7/8″W x 4-1/4″H x 1-1/4″D
  • Shaft Diameter: 5/16″ (8mm)
  • Choose from 2 Shaft Lengths: Small – 3/16″ collar sleeve length, 5/8″ overall | Medium – 5/16″ collar sleeve length, 13/16″ overall
  • Rear hand set knob
  • 3″ diameter speaker with 5-1/2″ long wires
  • Requires 2 ‘AA’ batteries (Not Included)
  • Includes all Mounting Hardware and Instructions.
  • Includes a 16″ adjustable pendulum rod and your choice of a 2-1/8″, 2-3/4″, or 3-1/2″ bob. The rod is perforated every 1″ on the back so you can bend and snap it to the length you need before sliding on the bob. Capable of running up to a 32″ pendulum.
  • Will not run hands larger than 17-3/4″ (measurement is from the center of the mounting hole to the end of the minute hand only).
  • Regular size (1″-6″) Hour and Minute hands are sold separately as a pair above (please see pictures). They are .20 cents extra per pair. The price will be adjusted as you choose the style(s) you want from the drop down menu. Extra large hands are available on our site as well.
  • Second hands are also sold separately and can be purchased HERE.
**When choosing the proper batteries for your clock, please consider the following information: There are many brands of alkaline batteries available on the market today, but there are several brands out there that just don’t perform well in clocks. We recommend using Rayovac or Duracell brand. Other brands, such as Energizer, have extra plastic coating on the negative end of the battery, which can cause clocks to malfunction or not work properly at all. Alkaline batteries are the only type of battery that should be used in clocks. Lithium powered or re-chargeable batteries will cause your clock to malfunction, or not function at all. Lithium and rechargeable batteries are meant for “high-drain” devices, such as digital cameras, etc. Alkaline batteries are best used in “low-drain” devices, which includes clock movements.

Shaft with Sleeve Nut

Weight .375 lbs
Shaft Length

Short – 3/16" Threded Length, 5/8" Overall, Medium – 5/16" Threaded Length, 13/16" Overall


None, H-00 Assortment – We Choose For You, H-01 Gold 1-3/8" Minute, H-02 Gold 1-3/8" Minute, H-03 Gold 1" Minute, H-04 Gold 1-9/16" Minute, H-05 Gold 1-3/8" Minute, H-06 Black 1-9/16" Minute, H-06 Gold 1-9/16" Minute, H-07 Black 2-3/8" Minute, H-07 Gold 2-3/8" Minute, H-08 Black 1-3/4" Minute, H-08 Gold 1-3/4" Minute, H-09 Black 1-15/16" Minute, H-09 Gold 1-15/16" Minute, H-10 Black 2" Minute, H-10 Gold 2" Minute, H-11 Black 2-1/4" Minute, H-11 Gold 2-1/4" Minute, H-12 Black 1-1/2" Minute, H-12 Gold 1-1/2" Minute, H-13 Black 2-1/16" Minute, H-13 Gold 2-1/16" Minute, H-14 Black 3" Minute, H-14 Gold 3" Minute, H-15 Gold 2-7/8" Minute, H-16 Gold 2-9/16" Minute, H-17 Black 3" Minute, H-17 Gold 3" Minute, H-18 Black 3" Minute, H-18 Gold 3" Minute, H-19 Black 2-3/4" Minute, H-19 Gold 2-3/4" Minute, H-20 Black 3-1/8" Minute, H-20 Gold 3-1/8" Minute, H-21 Black 3-1/16" Minute, H-22 Black 3-3/8" Minute, H-22 Gold 3-3/8" Minute, H-23 Black 2-7/8" Minute, H-23 Gold 2-7/8" Minute, H-24 Black 3-1/4" Minute, H-24 Gold 3-1/4" Minute, H-25 Black 3-1/16" Minute, H-25 Gold 3-1/16" Minute, H-26 Gold 3-11/16" Minute, H-27 Black 3-3/8" Minute, H-27 Gold 3-3/8" Minute, H-28 Black 4" Minute, H-28 Gold 4" Minute, H-29 Black 3-1/4" Minute, H-29 Gold 3-1/4" Minute, H-30 Gold 4-3/8" Minute, H-31 Black 4" Minute, H-31 Gold 4" Minute, H-32 Black 4-3/4" Minute, H-32 Gold 4-3/4" Minute, H-33 Black 4-1/4" Minute, H-33 Gold 4-1/4" Minute, H-34 Black 4-1/8" Minute, H-34 Gold 4-1/8" Minute, H-35 Gold 3-3/4" Minute, H-36 Black 3-1/2" Minute, H-36 Gold 3-1/2" Minute, H-37 Black 4-1/2" Minute, H-37 Gold 4-1/2" Minute, H-38 Black 5-1/4" Minute, H-38 Gold 5-1/4" Minute, H-39 Black 3-7/8" Minute, H-40 Black 2-3/8" Minute, H-40 Gold 2-3/8" Minute, H-41 Gold 2-1/8" Minute, H-42 Black 6" Minute, H-44 Black 2-5/8" Minute, H-44 Gold 2-5/8" Minute, H-45 Black 3-5/8" Minute, H-45 Gold 3-5/8" Minute, H-46 Gold 5-3/4" Minute


No Pendulum, Pendulum with 2-1/8" Bob, Pendulum with 2-3/4" Bob, Pendulum with 3-1/2" Bob

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